Surface processing

The absolute flawlessness of the surfaces, sealing surfaces and the reflective surfaces (mirrors) is of the utmost importance. For example, the inner surfaces of vacuum chambers and components are a crucial factor in achieving the working pressure in high vacuum and UHV. Therefore, after welding and mechanical processing, they are subjected to the appropriate treatment. The processing is carried out under the proviso of minimizing the effective surface area and generating surfaces with the lowest possible desorption rates. This applies to visible surfaces as well as sealing surfaces.

Our expertise includes different solutions for treating metal surfaces. We choose the method according to the pre-treatment and the final area of application. Special procedures are carried out within our strong partner network.

Processes used are, for example, corundum blasting, shot blasting, shot polishing, (electro)polishing, barrel finishing, as well as galvanic coating from copper to nickel and gold together with our expert providers.